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Tuesday, June 14 2022

All 4 of my children have had a different schooling experience:

My eldest son, (now 22) went through the Catholic schooling system adn thrived. He excelled academically, socially, musically and in every possible way. He was Vice Captain and was involved in many of the extra curricular activities the school provided. He always knew which university he wanted to attend (Sydney Conservatorium of Music) and just last year finished a Bachelor at the Con.

My second eldest (now 19) enjoyed his mates, the teachers and the culture, but hated 'school'. He did Year 11 and Year 12 during 'covid', which was difficult, to say the least. He couldn't wait for school to be over. He took 6 months off to decide what to do, and has recently enrolled in a Diploma to study animation, gaming and more.

My daughter (now 14) struggled all through primary school, was bullied and flew under the radar. She started Year 7 in the year of covid, in Sydney, knowing no one. Although she loved her school and had wonderful friends, the travel, assessments and other pressure was making her miserable. She began homeschooling half way through Term 1 of Year 9. Slowly we are finding our way, but her mental health has benefited and she is much, much happier. She still considers that she might go back to her old school one day, and it is most definitely a possibility. She has a few ideas of what she'd like to do when she does finish her 'high schooling' but at this stage, we're just seeing where her home studies takes her. 

My youngest (now 11, in Year 5), has been homeschooled since he was half way through Year 3. Although he is doing well, the plan is likely that he'll attend high school - the same one that his brothers went to, as that is what he really wants. Again, we'll see where the road leads us.

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