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I offer a choice of an Individual Appointment or Package bookings. Should you wish to have a one-off appointment, you can simply book a single session with me. However, should you wish to have regular appointments, at a discounted rate, one of my three Packages might be the best option for you.

Transformational Packages

If you think you'd like more than one appointment, a Package is the best option.

  • Packages offer a saving of 15% ($20) per hour
  • Successful coaching is not based on time, but rather results. The focus is on you achieving the outcome you are striving for - not simply on how long we spend together. My purpose is to help you reach your desired outcome sooner, rather than later. 
  • For this reason, each session lasts for between 60 to 75 mins. Our time together is purposeful and outcome driven. Time is flexible so we can focus on your needs, then our session will come to a natural conclusion.
  • Session are held in person in North Gosford or over Zoom. Our first session will be in person.

When working together, we'll get to the core of the issue, explore options, plan what actions to take, set goals and use appropriate tools and strategies to keep you on track. You will grow in confidence and find the path that is right for you. You deserve to walk confidently into your future, and I'm here to help you make that happen. 


SHINE A LIGHT is perfect for when you know what you'd like to achieve, or what changes you would like to see in your life, but you need to help spotlight exactly what steps to take.

This package is also useful if you value support to give you confidence in moving forward with your plans.

If you are relatively clear on your goal/s and ready to take action, then SHINE A LIGHT is for you.


Initial Kickstart Session

2 x Shine a Light Sessions

Final Wrap Session

Workbook to keep you on track in between sessions


Coaching package up to 2 months


SET SAIL is the ideal coaching package if you have a specific goal or goals to tackle, but you’re not able to make it happen on your own.

I can help explore your ideas/options, make decisions, work through action plans, offer extra support and accountability.

 SET SAIL is perfect to keep you motivated, on track and making those positive changes in your life.


Initial Kickstart Session

5 x Set Sail Sessions

Final Wrap Session

Workbook to keep you on track in between sessions


Coaching package up to 3 months


DEEP DIVE is perfect if you have multiple or long-standing issues you'd like to work through.

I'll help you find hope, clarity, direction, courage, motivation, and I'll help guide and support you through your issues and blocks.

During our DEEP DIVE Sessions, we'll find what is holding you back, and take actions to help transformation happen leading to a brighter future.


Initial Kickstart Session

9 x Deep Dive Sessions

Final Wrap Session

Workbook to keep you on track in between sessions


Coaching package up to 4 months

Individual Appointment

When meeting for our sessions, I will help you get to the core of your issues by reflecting on experiences and relationships and how they might be affecting you in your daily life. We'll work together to overcome any fears, anxieties, concerns or barriers you may have.  

You'll learn more about yourself, how to handle situations which are difficult for you, become more self aware of those around you, and will gain great insight into how to move forward to a brighter, more peaceful and joyful future. 

 You will grow in confidence and find the solutions that are right for you. You deserve to walk confidently into your future, and I'm here to help you make that happen. 

  • Each session runs for 60 minutes.
  • Session are held in my consulting room in North Gosford, or over Zoom. Our first session will need to be in person.

Do you need someone to talk with about an individual pressing issue, someone who you can run an idea by, someone who can help you gain a healthier, or different, perspective on a particular situation? Do you need to talk with someone about past issues, and believe think that maybe a one off session might be all you'll need?

"Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire"
St Catherine of Siena

Lighthouse Youth Support is a Mental Health, Wellbeing & Development practice offering Counselling & Coaching which empowers, inspires & uplifts youth and young adults. I have a passion for supporting young people and their families.

Providing a non-judgmental environment, operating from Catholic values, I work with a strengths based and solutions-focused approach.

"Given the right support, everyone has the capacity to thrive" 

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02 4302 1915

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