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Positive mental health & wellbeing is possible

Mental Health and wellbeing is an area that is close to my heart. Like many people, I have had family members and friends suffer through depression, anxiety and a range of other mental health issues. I have also had my own battles, which I've overcome.

We are often led to believe that once you have a mental health issue, you will be battling it for life. This is not true. With the right support, and God on your side, mental health issues can simply be a 'just now', not a 'forever'. 

Support can come in many ways - it can be speaking regularily with someone who understands your struggles, it can be finding practical support to help take a load off your shoulders, it might be finding a way to express your emotions and feelings via art, music or sport or it might be eliminating some burdens in your life, whilst adding positive new habits.

When working together, we'll find what it is that YOU need to go from simply surviving, to thriving. We'll get to the core of the issue, explore options to help resolve the issue, set some goals, find appropriate tools and strategies to keep you on track so you can have the best possible outcome. I will help you find your self confidence, find your voice to speak up, help you to take your concerns to God and remind you how utterly unique you are. You deserve to walk confidently, stand strong and be heard. 

Good mental health and wellbeing looks different for everyone. We'll find out what it looks like for you and do all we can to achieve it.

"Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible;

and suddenly you are doing the impossible"
St Francis of Assisi

I established Lighthouse Family Support to empower, inspire & uplift women on the NSW Central Coast. I have a passion for supporting women who work so hard to support their families. 

I provide a non-judgmental environment, operating from Christian values, and work with a strengths based and solutions-focused approach.

I believe that regardless of past or present circumstances, given the right support, everyone has the capacity to thrive. - Michele

Email Lighthouse Family Support

54 Hills Street
Gosford NSW 2250

02 4302 1915 

our facebook page linkdin


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